AJC Directory Synchronizer

AJC Directory Synchronizer 3.4

It can be used for comparing and synchronizing two different directories
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AJC Directory Synchronizer is used for comparing and synchronizing two different directories. Directories can be anywhere on the disk or on external device. This software is very useful for synchronization between two different directories over a network system. It requires very small memory and it is compatible with Windows 98/2000/2003, XP and Vista.
It has a very interactive visual appearance with many user-friendly options. It uses a color coding scheme for better understanding of files on different locations. It also supports FTP file synchronization so it is easy for web developers to synchronize their local files with web server files. All the file information for each directory is listed in an interactive style. User can also make backups of files before synchronization. It also maintains log files which give all information about files altered during synchronization. Many options are provided for synchronization methods including logical OR & AND operations. Synchronization can also be scheduled and user can schedule it for any defined time. User will be notified by email with a detailed report if the work was scheduled and was unattended. It also supports command line arguments for better compatibility.
This review and screenshots belong to version 2.8.
However, at the developer site you will find the latest version which is 2.9.

Manoj Goel
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  • Synchronize folders from two different systems
  • Color coding scheme for better understanding
  • Logical operation for synchronization
  • Log file support which gives all information about the process


  • Program crashed many times on server systems
  • If the settings are not proper it can make duplicate files in a directory
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